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JANUARY 27 – 29, 2019 – BY HAND Canada’s Artisan Gift Show

Since 2001, BY HAND has been Canada’s premier wholesale show where Canadian artists, artisans and designers meet and connect with the buyers of retail stores, galleries, boutiques and museums from across Canada. Buying handmade products has never been more prevalent in this country and BY HAND facilitates this growing trend of Canadian retailers looking to purchase local and environmentally friendly goods. This is the only wholesale event in the country to feature exclusively Canadian Handmade.

We know that to be successful, a Canadian Handmade wholesale show must be convenient for buyers to attend and this is why BY HAND is conveniently located at the Pearson Convention Center near The International Centre and The Toronto Congress Centre where the largest gift show events are taking place, at the same time. We continue with our successful OPENING NIGHT at 5 pm on move-in day, January 27 to further convenience buyers and make BY HAND a must attend event in their busy buying schedule.

One of the most significant benefits for artisans participating in BY HAND is the structure it brings to your production planning. Unlike retail shows, the BY HAND wholesale show takes the inventory guesswork out of the equation. With the connections you make and orders you receive at the beginning of the year, you can better plan your production schedule.

BY HAND is a juried, professional event where only the best artisans are carefully selected to participate and take their work to next level by connecting with qualified buyers and having their Canadian Handmade works in retail markets across Canada.

5’ x 10′ aisle $940, corner $1040      5’ x 15’ aisle $1410, corner $1510       5’ x 20’ aisle $1880, corner $1980
10’ x 10′ aisle $1280, corner $1400, double corner $1520      10’ x 15’ aisle $1920, corner $2040
10’ x 20’ aisle $2560, corner $2680


SHOW PRODUCTION EXPERIENCE – We are the most accomplished and experienced show producer in Canada. Having produced over 370 shows, we know what it takes to ensure a smooth running event. We are a team of experienced show managers and staff committed to serving the best interests of the exhibitors and buyers. Our goal is to provide a professional, friendly atmosphere for all who attend our shows. Be confident that with Signatures you will have a problem-free, enjoyable and profitable experience.

SIGNATURES ALL-IN PRICING (no hidden costs!) Our exhibit price is an all-inclusive package: Included is 8’ high booth draping (back & sides), electrical power, show promotional literature, official buyers guide listing complete with contact information, descriptive artisan information and links to artisan websites on our By Hand show website, pre-show media opportunities, discounted hotel rates, discounted shipping rates and free material handling when using the official show carrier and priority consideration for acceptance into all of our shows.


Selection – By Hand is a juried show. The primary basis for acceptance is the quality, originality and craftsmanship of the work to be sold. Acceptance is also based on booth display, product packaging and product categories within each show. Jewellery may not be sold unless specifically juried and accepted. Reproduction aids such as moulds must be the original creation of the applicant.
Eligibility – You must be the designer and the creator of the work to be sold. Only work produced in Canada by you or under your direct supervision will be considered. Commercially manufactured products, goods bought for resale, goods made from commercial kits or materials are not permitted. Products represented by dealers, franchise operations, unfinished goods, craft supplies and kits or do-it-yourself materials will not be permitted.
Acceptance – If you are successful in your application you will receive your letter of acceptance and show contract by email to the address you have indicated in your application form. The contract will indicate your accepted booth size and type and the product for which you have been accepted to display and sell. You must select and initial a payment schedule, include the payment method details, agree to the Terms and Conditions, sign, date and return by the contract due date.


The following supporting materials are required:
1) Product Images/Photos – A minimum of five clear, high resolution, close-up images of the work you want to sell at the show(s).  These images are used to jury your work and if accepted, to promote your work on our websites and possibly, in our advertising campaigns. There is a direct co-relation between the quality of the images submitted and their chance of being used in our ad campaign(s). Attach required images and documents with your online application form and upload.
2) Booth Design – A clear image of a recent booth display or detailed diagram of your display. The presentation and professionalism of your display is an important part of our jurying and a major consideration of booth placement in the show(s) if you are accepted.
3) Studio Image – An image of you working in your studio or workshop.
4) Biography – A biography detailing your background, design training and show experience.
5) Craft/Art Statement – A statement on your work: what inspired you to create it, how long you have been doing it, the production process, how many people assist you and their roles in the production and your products’ price range.
6) Deposit –A $200 deposit is required with the application. Applications received without deposit(s) will not be processed.

NOTE – If your application is accepted and a contract is issued to you, your deposit will be cashed or processed. If you withdraw, cancel or refuse the space after a contract is issued, your deposit is non-refundable.

The initial jurying and selection of artisans will begin on July 1, 2018. The process takes about 4 weeks to complete. All applicants will be notified of their status by email. Applications received after July 1, 2018 will be reviewed and considered and selection will be based on remaining space and category availability.

Buyers Mailing List – If you are accepted as an exhibitor in the By Hand show, we will notify all of your current wholesale buyers of your participation in the show by mail, social media posts and email blasts. This is an opportunity to encourage your buyers to see your new products first hand and gives you the opportunity to increase sales. Please provide a list of your current wholesale accounts including their respective contact information such as mailing address, email address, contact name, etc.

Exhibitor Info – Prior to the show, you will receive an email containing your username and password to access the Exhibitor Login Area at In this Login Area, you will be able to download the Exhibitor Guide that contains specific show info, move-in details, shipping info, hotel details, display requirements, show suppliers’ order forms, promotional show materials and any other info necessary to have a successful exhibiting experience.